Dedicated to promoting arts and culture to enrich the everyday lives of Hong Kong people, Sino Group initiated ‘Sino Art’ in 2006 as one of the four key pillars of Sino Group’s corporate social responsibility efforts. Sino Art aims to serve the broader community in Hong Kong through arts accessibility and arts education programmes. With the launch of ‘Sino Art in Community’ in 2013, we extend our reach into community facilities such as hospitals, kindergartens and children’s homes, where local artists create community art together with the underprivileged, children and educators. 

Sino Art seeks to make arts and culture accessible to all. We curate events and partner with local art and cultural organisations to foster audience building and provide local and international artists with opportunities to showcase their talents at Sino Group properties, including shopping malls, hotels and office buildings. In addition, the Group sponsors multiple art and design events in town, adding vigour to the city’s vibrant arts scene. Sino Group received the ‘Award for Arts Sponsorship’ for the years of 2007 and 2008, and the ‘Award for Arts Promotion’ of 2008 from the Hong Kong Arts Development Council.

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